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Gamba Grass is considered a high risk weed threatening native vegetation and causing unnecessary work to remove. Gamba grass is best removed by pulling them out from the root and disposing them.

GG ez, is an application developed to solve this issue. The application focuses on a community driven solution. With the help of open datasets in conjunction with machine learning to predict the most vulnerable areas where Gamba grass will be the most rampant.

A user will use the GG ez mobile web application to report any Gamba grass infestations. A user can also use the map functionality to identify areas that need help to eradicate the grass.

Users who choose to treat infested areas by removing them and disposing them at a waste management facility can be rewarded with government incentives based on the weight of gamba grass removed. By combining our applications with government incentives we strongly believe this solution will reduce the amount of Gamba grass in the NT.

The application will also offer forecasts on where Gamba grass will be the most likely rampant. By combining these datasets we can create a machine learning model which will help with these forecasts.


Core functionalities for success

Community Focused

With a community focued approach, we utilise the resources of the public whilst contributing to the control of Gamba grass

Open Data Driven

Using multiple open sources means that we do not have to heavily rely on data collection and will not have to collect data from scratch. This will save us lots of time and resources

Machine Learning forecasts

By combining the various datasets and any new data collected, we will be able to create a machine learning model to predict high impact areas.


The following are the datasets which are utilised

Bureau of Meteorology
Rainfall data will indicate which areas receive the most rainfall therefore indicating which areas will be most vulnerable to a Gamba grass infestation.
NR Maps
Will show current infestations of Gamba Grass. This data can be fed into our own application map functionality
Landscape Health Database- Weeds
Will provide data of landscape conditions, as Gamba grass is most rampant under certain conditions.
Annual Traffic Report
This data set will show the amount of traffic that is coming inbound and outbound within the NT. If there is a high amount of vehicles traveling, it will indicate a higher chance of a vehicle transporting Gamba grass seeds.
NT Weed Records (points)
Will identify what are the most common weeds and their location are.

User Journey

How our application is intended to be used

The Developer


Alex Lay

Full stack Developer

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